The joys of Summertime, the vacations, the bugs, the cookouts, the warm weather, and did I mention the bugs.  Every year it seems we fight the same problems.  Between flies,wasp and any other flying or crawling bug there is, its a never ending fight to enjoy anytime outside.  Well its time to take back our freedom to be outside.  Reco has you covered from Bug-Away, Stinger II and Reco Flying and Crawling Spray. 

Reco Bug-Away is used with our dispensers and every 30 minutes a burst of flyspray will eliminate our flying friends and you can take back your porches and patios.(kills flies, mosquitoes and gnats)  Can be used in commerical food service and preparation areas of milk houses, hospitals,hotels, motels,factories,stores,ships and schools.

Reco Stinger II will handle your wasp and hornet problems, Spray directly onto nest make sure nest is completely saturated and wait 24 hours to remove. Best results do first thing in the morning or late at night when insect activity is minimal.

Reco Flying & Crawling Insecticide II this product will handle a large variety of uses. From flees to ants, cockroaches, lice and eggs.  For use on bedding furniture and other inanimate objects infested with lice.  Controls flees and ticks on dogs for 14 days.  Will control ants and cockroaches for up to four weeks.

Check these products out and give us a call.