Disinfectant Boot Bath Mat

A hygienic boot sanitizer mat used wherever there is a concern for cross contamination, holding up to 22 quarts of solution.

Boot baths are used to reduce the risk of spreading pathogens from one group of animals or from one farm to another.


  • Food Processing and Packaging Facilities
  • Veterinary Facilities and Animal Hospitals
  • Hospitals
  • Sterile enviroments
  • Schools, Businesses and Homes



  • Raised Wall to Hold Necessary Disinfectant or Liquid for Hygienic Cleaning
  • Yellow Raised Edges for Increased Safety
  • Aggressive Rubber Finger Tips Scrape Bottom of Boots, Reducing the Risk of Contamination
  • Raised Wall Allows for Maximum Coverage of the Sole, Sides and Arch area of Boot
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain